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Fructus Crataegi fruit

Unique Sapa Fructus Crataegi Wine

Fructus Crataegi wine is unique wine of Sapa, Lao Cai. Fructus Crataegi is soaked very carefully and then they use this water from Fructus Crataegi to make wine. Drinking wine feel like drinking carbonated soft drinks. In Sapa, Fuctus Crataegi grows on the Hoang Lien Son range. It is the natural gift that the heaven […]

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Khang Gai Dried Meat

Sapa Khang Gai Dried Meat And Pau Play Day Cake

Khang Gai Dried Meat The meat of horses, pigs are usually hung up by the Hmong , Sapa, Lao Cai. These meat will be chopped into pieces about 2-3 kilograms and hung up in order to store. When eating meat, they will clean dust and cook with tomatoes, bamboo shoots… Dried meat is fleshy, fragrant and […]

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Sapa grilled food

Grilled Food In Sapa

On chilly evenings in the northwest, there is nothing like sitting down on Sapa’s grilled-food street with a bowl of strong Bac Ha wine and a plate of fragrant grilled food. The 100-meter stretch of grills known as Ham Rong Street is behind an old stone church near the backpackers’ quarter. The stalls open at […]

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Thang co Sapa

Taste Thang Co Of Sapa

“Thang co” is one of the most famous dishes of the Hmong in the northwest of Vietnam. “Thang co” usually use for festival or special day. On the weekend, it is sold at the fair. Its name means a pot of soup which includes meat, organs of horse, vegetables and special kinds of spices. Today, […]

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Sapa 'Cap nach' pigs

Cap Nach Pigs In Sapa

At the fair of Lao Cai, you can easily see local people selling small pigs whose weight is less than 20kg so that people can put into the baskets, even put in the armpits. “Cap nach” pigs are special food of Sapa. They are not locked up but they had to find food by themselves. […]

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